"THE ivy league hAT"

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This hat is cute, cozy, charming, and classy all at once. Its braided cable cuff gives it a statement, and it is not difficult to imagine one wearing this beanie through Boston in autumn, or perhaps a pureblooded witch wearing it across the Hogwarts grounds to her first class of the morning. This hat’s design was inspired by the classic, rustic elegance one sees in the architecture of New England and their awe-inspiring colleges, and that of European Castles. Enjoy knitting up this sinfully simple pattern for yourself or your friend, and enjoy the compliments. You have excellent taste, and you know it. 

Skill Level: Basic Cables 

Stitches to know: cabling, k, p, 

Shown knit in one skein of Bumblebee Acres Farm color way "Potions" from the Harry Potter inspired Yarn Collection (yarn base is SW Corriedale/nylon).‚Äč