Pygora DK '17~ Natural Colors

This listing is for each of the three Natural Colors(picture in order, left to right): Natural Grey, Black Walnut, and Pewter

Pygora DK Limited Edition Yarn Vintage 2017
100% wool from Bumblebee Acres Farm!

This yarn is from our 2017 shearing clip and processed right here in the USA! Our goats and sheep are all lovingly raised by us, here on our farm, and we shear each goat and sheep by hand using scissors, so we can get the best cut and love on our woolies while doing it!

This yarn is a delightful blend of our Pygora Goat fiber, which is very much like cashmere, and our Superfine Cormo Sheep Wool. Pygora is a light weight, lofty fleece that results in yarn as warm and thick as any other DK, but lighter! Our Pygora is classified as a C fleece, the most similar to cashmere.* Mixed with our Cormo Wool in a 60/40 blend, the resulting yarn is squashy, round, woolly, and with the right amount of Pygora fluffiness.

This yarn would look great in a color work project, and any project that may allow for a very slight bloom in the finished object. This yarn is dyed to order and VERY LIMITED. It cannot ever be completely replicated, so once it is gone, it's gone! If you think you might need that extra skein for your project, order it NOW!

The yarn stats:
Pygora DK Vintage 2017
60% Superfine Cormo Wool/
40% Pygora Type C
3 ply DK
245 yds. approximately

*pygora fleece can sometimes contain guard hairs. This is not abundant in these yarns, though there is some. Sam on the farm is allergic/intolerant of Mohair or Icelandic Sheep guard hair, but this yarn does not bother her in the slightest.