"Myriad of Minis Cowl" Pattern

Myriad of Minis Cowl

So, here you are. With a bunch of adorable fingering-weight miniskeins and you have no idea how to use them best. You don’t have quite enough for a pair of socks, and the colors are too cute to hide away, as it is. Maybe the colors are themed and you want a project that somehow incorporates them all equally. Maybe you have a bunch of leftovers from socks and you want to make something… just… different.
In my own situation, I am surrounded by tons of miniskein sets from my favorite fandoms: Harry Potter, Outlander, and Game of Thrones… The list goes on! So I was driven to develop a cowl that gives 5 yarns the perfect opportunity to shine together. This pattern is not overly complex- anyone can do it! Its charm lies in the adorable arrangement of your yarns; one that gives you an effect somewhere happily situated between “scrappy” and “stripey.”

Skill Level: Beginner Color changing/ Striping/ Color work

Stitches to know: Knit, Purl, Yarn Over, Slip slip knit two together, knit two together, Slip three stitches as if to purl, provisional cast on, Kitchner stitch (optional)

Shown knit in Bumblebee Acres Farm's 1 mini skein pack of "Choose Your House -Slytherin" from the Harry Potter Inspired Yarn Collection in Coquette Sock Yarn Base

***Pattern is in PDF format and will be emailed to you unless you choose hardcopy option! Shipping is included in Hard Copy!***


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