Hopper Ultimate Package

Hopper Ultimate Package

8oz Flyer head
3 - 8oz bobbins
Plus either the 32oz flyer with 3 - 32oz Bobbins OR the 16oz flyer with 3- 16oz. Bobbins
Tube and Hook Orifice bars for your chosen flyer heads.
Skein Winder
Lazy Kate
Extra Drive Band set

The Hopper has a unique treadle motion that uses the legs, and not the feet or calf muscles to drive the wheel. And is especially loved by those who are taller.

* Length: 18.5 in (at the treadle)
* Height: 20.5 in
* Width: 16 in (at the flyer front to back in the open position)
* Width: 7.5 in (front to back in the closed / storage position)
* Ratios: 10X Range: 1.5:1 to 22:1
* Orifice Height: 21in
* Weight: Around 12lbs
* Quick Magnetic Bobbin Release
* Interchangeable Bobbin with Mach
* Easy to use tension
* Stable base with rubber feet

Price includes shipping fees
(comes up as free shipping)
*You can expect to wait anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your new wheel.