Hagrid's Fruit Cake ~ Harry Potter Inspired

"Hagrid's Fruit Cake", inspired by the cooking skills of our beloved Hagrid in the Harry Potter Movie/Books. Who could say no to a slice of this seasonal treat?
Would make a super cute hat or pair of holiday socks!
Try our "Sock a day Socks" pattern or the "Mrs. Weasley's Kwik Knit Kap" which is a free pattern coming out for the holidays---stay tuned!

This is a speckled yarn in holiday hues- a lot like the dried fruits you find in any good fruit cake!

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This Yarn has been hand painted using professional acid dyes, each one is unique. This colorway is repeatable but variations can occur in the dyeing process. Variations also occur depending on which base the colorway is dyed on. If working with more than one skein for a project we recommend alternating the skeins every few rows to minimize any differences.

Please note every attempt has been made to accurately portray this yarn's colorway, however, color on your computer monitor may be different than mine. This listing is for one skein of yarn.


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