Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl

Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl

Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl

It's summer! And with summer comes breezy, lazy, sunny, happy days! So I designed a pattern to fit that carefree and lighthearted state-of-mind we all find ourselves drifting into during hot weather. This shawl is big, loose, lacy, and lazy; as easy to knit as it is to wear.  It looks best in one skein of pretty indie dyed fingering yarn, and best of all: it's completely reversible! Now, grab your lemonade, turn up your favorite summer music, and recline on that porch swing, babe. Let's get knitting!


What you'll need:

- 1 skein (about 400-430 yards) of fingering or sock weight yarn.

        I used Coquette Sock in "Bad Wolf" which was perfect! For a luxe look, try any of our yarns in Bubble Sock - a decadent 20% Silk/ 80% Merino Superwash blend

- Your cutest stitch marker

- Size US 8 knitting needles on your favorite circular cable. HINT: Lace tips are best for this project. 

- Optional: row counter, though you'll memorize this pattern pretty quick.


What you'll need to know:

- Stitches: Knit, Purl, Knit Front and Back, Yarn Over, Knit Two Together

- Abbreviations:  ST/STS - Stitch/Stitches; K - Knit; P - Purl; KFB - Knit Front and Back; YO - Yarn Over; K2Tog - Knit Two Together; RS - Right Side/ Odd Number Rows; WS - Wrong Side/ Even Number Rows

- The shawl is knit in 10 sections, beginning with a Garter Stitch sequence, switching to a Crocus Lace Sequence, and then alternating between the two ending on your 5th Crocus Lace Sequence before your Finishing Section. Just follow the Yellow Brick Road of Directions if your brain is muddled with terminology and short hand right now- all will reveal itself in time!

- Here is a doodly-diagram I drew to clear things up!

Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl


Cast on (Using any method) 3 stitches 

1: K3

2: K2, KFB (4)

3: K4

4: K2, KFB, K (5) 

5: K5

6: K2, KFB, K2 (6)

7: K6

8: K2, PM, KFB, K3 (7)

9: K7

Garter Section:

1: K2, SM, KFB, K to end

2: K to end


First section:

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for a total (Combined with Starting Section) of 52 rows (35 stitches). 

All other Garter sections: 

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for 20 rows (10 purl "ridges" on each side of shawl) 

Crocus Lace Section: 

1: K2, SM, KFB, (YO, K2tog)* repeat until 2 STS remain, K2 

2: K3, (YO, K2tog)* repeat until 3 STS remain, K3

3: K2, SM, KFB, K1, (YO, K2tog)*repeat until 2 STS remain, K2

4: K3, (YO, K2tog)* repeat until 2 STS remain, K2


Repeat Rows 1-4 FIVE times for a total of 20 rows. 

*first lace section should start on row 53*

Repeat 20 Row Garter Sections and 20 Row Lace Sections each a total of 5 times, for 10 total sections, ending on a Crocus Lace Section*. 



Knit 4 rows of Garter Section 

Bind off with a 1 by 1 rib. Do this by knitting one stitch to bind off, then purling the next stitch to bind off and continue alternating until no more stitches left on needle. Pull yarn through last stitch and secure.


Block this baby loose and lacy, and you're golden!

For a downloadable, printer-friendly version,

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bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl
bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl
bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl
bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl
bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl


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bumblebee acres farm's flippyfloppyfunshawl


Thank you!

To everyone who has been so kind as to support my patterns the past (nearly!) 3 years. This is my gift to you, and I hope you all enjoy it and share the fun with your knitting friends! 

Lots of love always, 

~Samantha Troia, Pattern Designer 


IMPORTANT and Pesky Copyright Info...

The "Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl" is Copyrighted to Bumblebee Acres Farm, June 2017. The Pattern may be printed and distributed ONLY with written permission from Bumblebee Acres Farm. If you wish to sell items made from the pattern, you may do so if the pattern name and "Bumblebee Acres Farm" is credited. All original photos are the property of Bumblebee Acres Farm and may only be shared via online media if the "Flippy Floppy Fun Shawl" and Bumblebee Acres Farm are both credited. 

Thank you!!!